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About WardOffice.com

Simplifying life is always a worthy quest. Technology is one way to increase our capacity to perform, and do our tasks with less time and effort, if it is used properly. Implementing  Technology is what we do best!

Gaylan Ward

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to know how things work. Very early in life, I dissected an old radio. I unwrapped the foil in the capacitors, separated the plates in the transformers, and got to know every piece of that radio. Later, when I studied those things in school, I knew what they were from experience! By the time I was in High School, I was repairing radios and TV's in our garage. I always enjoy cutting edge technology, and making things work that no one else has ever done!


Experienced engineers and programmers are often contracted to do special tasks that need their expertise.

  • Engineers & Programmers
    • Electronic Hardware
      • Computers
      • Telecommunications
      • Flight Simulators
      • Etc.
    • Software
      •  Visual Basic
      • Visual Studio
      • Machine Language
    • Mechanical
      • Emergency Lighting
      • Wallsafes
      • Flight Simulators
      • Etc.

Often High School students work to do labor intensive jobs. They do tasks such as typing for programmers, assembling PC Boards and computers, and testing products.

  • Labor
    • Type training materials
    • Assemble computers
    • Test computers
    • Test software programs
    • Etc.